Blue Evolution XL+: full power for an excellent industrial cleaning and sanitation

Blue Evolution XL+ is one of the most versatile steam cleaning machines for industrial cleaning: it can be used to obtain an excellent sanitation in several industrial fields. The Blue Evolution XL+ applications are endless.
Blue Evolution XL+ gives the best in high-traffic public areas, but it can sanitize quickly and in a few steps even large workplaces, hospitals, gyms, supermarkets etc.
This steam cleaner is certified to be used in HACCP environments and provides great advantages in terms of food hygiene.

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The Blue Evolution XL+ is the industrial steam cleaner which revolutionize the way of cleaning and sanitize industrial environments.

Indication of the charging level
The display integrated into the machine body enables the user to readily check the water level in the tank.
This feature is vital to work more easily when you sanitize large areas with Blue Evolution XL+. Making the refill water provides significant time savings during cleaning and sanitizing processes.

Control panel: full operation in a single display 

The display function has been implemented in such a way as to check the various machine operating modes.
Steam and vacuum, internal temperature, boiler pressure, and the level of steam production will be easily consulted data from a convenient and intuitive display.
There is also the possibility to know in real time further reports through dedicated alert codes.

Chassis in stainless steel
What strikes Blue Evolution XL+ is the unique design with soft and ergonomic shapes.

The result is a sum of robustness and reliability guaranteed by the patented chassis stainless steel shock resistant, extremely stable and reliable.

Reduce bacterial load by 99,9% thanks to the UVC lamp
Germs and bacteria have no chance to survive with the integrated UVC lamp. 
Delete germs and bacteria by 99.9% (LogStufe 2.89 ± 0.15), it ensures double hygiene in a single machine, without any extra cost.


Green Cleaning: 93% less water
Our cleaning and sanitizing systems primarily use water. This feature makes our products eco-friendly: not only you can save on the cost of cleaning chemicals, but also protect the environment.
Water consumption is reduced by 93% compared to traditional cleaning systems with cloth and bucket.
This is pure green cleaning.

Blue Evolution XL+
Voltage 400 V
Activation time 3 min
Boiler charging system automatic
Pressure 10 bar
Max temperature 184° C
Boiler volume 1,8 L
Boiler material AISI 304
Boiler power 6000 W
Vacuum power 1200 W
Steam production 165 g/min
Max power absorbed 7200 W
Steam flow adjustment Yes, 3 levels
Vacuum power adjustment Yes, 3 levels
Filtering system Water molecular separation™
Max depression 1700 mmH2O
Air flow *80 m3/ h
Water tank capacity 3,7 L
Detergent/Hot Water
tank capacity
3,7 L
Recovery tank 4 L
Dimensions L x P x H (mm) 380/610/930
Range of action 19 m (**24 m)
Net weight 39 kg

* Handle 3 mt

** with 8 mt professional nozzle


Address Piazzetta Albere 3/4, 36060, Romano d’Ezzelino (VI)
Phone (+39) 0424 832777